Our Journey

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step . ..

This story goes back to the year 2011, when instead of just talking about the day to day issues, we started taking actions to solve them, by doing so we felt a great sense of satisfaction and motivation, our motivation was contagious and we soon formed a team which started researching on the root causes of day to day problems, exploring the options to resolve the problems and spreading awareness among people.

We started with awareness camps, initially, it didn't fetch good responses as people considered it a waste of time but soon we started gaining popularity in our local area. Our reusable bag distribution campaign at the local farmers' market was a hit in Northern India.

The adoption of SDGs in 2015 was a major impetus to our work which mainstreamed the social and environmental dimensions and people actually started realizing the significance of preserving our environment. This was the time when people not only started talking about terms such as 'green', 'organic', 'eco-friendly' but also started reflecting their appreciation towards these concepts in terms of choices they made


Every individual makes a conscious choice of sustainability over economic benefit, a wave of social innovation


To mobilize action towards the social, economic and environmental development at the local, national and global levels.

What we do?

Inspiring actions for balanced development

Avritti is determined to educate, engage and mobilize individuals and corporates to work towards the achievement of balanced development. We are creating social impact through research, blogs, courses, volunteer programs, socialpreneuers bootcamps, direct actions and consulting.

Most of our current projects are aligned with the 17 SDGs and we are working to create an impact in all these. To know more write to us at info@avritti.com

To make a change, you just need to have the passion and we are there to train you, nurture you, connect with you and give a platform to make the change happen. To know how to volunteer check here

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